Sunday, December 22, 2019

The, By Maureen O Connell And What Is Social Imaginary

In a community where enthocentrism is a prominent issue, the realization of its harm is greatly overlooked in many cases. This is very prominent when dealing with the unification of two people practicing the same religion but coming from different cultural backgrounds. An issue recently presented itself when two Muslims wanted to get married but their different cultural backgrounds created an obstacle for them. In Islam, it is decreed that a Muslim may marry another Muslim, regardless of their ethnicity or cultural backgrounds. This specific community, the families of both Muslims are in disagreement with the marriage due to their differences in cultural backgrounds. Using the scared texts Compassion and Politically Dangerous Discipleship by Maureen O’Connell and What is Social Imaginary by Charles Taylor, the community can look at the ideas presented about compassion/desire and common good in relation to social imaginaries that may be upheld within a community. Maureen O†™Connell provides ample information concerning the idea of passion in the sacred text Compassion and Politically Dangerous Discipleship. O’Connell presents us with the philosophy studied by Augustine of Hippo. Augustine essentially emphasized the spirit over the body. In fact, On Christian Doctrine, Augustine argues that the â€Å"counsel of compassion† natures a particular kind of wisdom that enables compassionate people to see God more clearly and love God more fully (O’Connell, 73-74). Through compassion,

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